We support

We Support

The Combat Company takes pride in supporting the gaming community. We sponsor, attend and (where possible) participate in tournaments throughout Australia. 

When we sponsor events, we assist with prizes, run special event promotions where participants can order online, receive a discount and pick up their goods at the event and promote the event on our website, newsletters and on our Wargamer AU page.

Where possible, we attend the events we sponsor. Depending on the size of the event, we can set up a small store with a range of products, usually targetting the systems being played in the tournaments. 

We also support gaming clubs throughout Australia. This involves a special discount for bulk orders placed through your club, providing prizes and generating interest in club events. 

If you're interested to see if we can sponsor your event or help support your club, please don't hesitate to contact us. Here's some more information about the events and organisations we support throughout Australia.

Forums and Websites



3++ is one of the largest wargaming blogs worldwide and based in Australia. 3++ has been active since 2009 with a focus on community development with a primary focus on tactical gameplay and deep-thought analysis on the games we all play and enjoy. Despite this, 3++ is an all-round community with focus pieces on painting, modelling, terrain making and general hobby oriented activities as well.

With interactive comments, chatbawks and forums to coincide with the blogposts by the many authors around the world, there's a vast array of information, tips and ideas on a variety of different gaming systems for you to enjoy and join in with.

With 3++, it's all about community development and everyone is welcome - both on the website or at tournaments!


Beardy Hammer

http://www.ozdestro.com and www.facebook.com/beardyhammer

In a time before 40k, there was a band of men and women who took part in gaming without the corporate sensibilities of today. Take a step back to those hallowed times and also look upon the future through wizened eyes and curious ponderings of The Beardy Hammer! News, Reviews and Project Blogs from right across the minis world.


Dakka Dakka

Dakka Dakka is an online wargaming community where members can share information about tabletop wargaming - everything from tactics, painting tips, pics of models, army lists, tournaments, new ranges, rumours and more. Their main focus is on Warhammer 40K and Warhammer Fantasy, but there is a growing  number of forum topics for players of Warmachine, Hordes, Infinity, Historical gaming, Lord of the Rings, Dystopian Wars, Malifaux and board games. 

Sound of Machines
Launched in 2009, The Sound of Machines have since painted thousands of models for people all over; including Canada, Netherlands and Poland. We endeavour to bring a professionalism to commission painting, with uniqueness and a timely delivery valued most. The Sound of Machines Facebook page is an attempt to collect photos of all models painted in the last 18 months for clients and viewers to scroll through and check out. Chances are, if you've been to a 40K tournament in Australia, you've seen one of their armies.

Tales from the Warzone

The home of Damian (Lord Shaper) and a few other collected souls adventure in the world of wargaming. Going back to 40K second edition up to the life of a Henchman for Wyrd and Malifaux. This site touches on some of their old favourite games to what they have been working on of late to finally listing what is happening in the world of Sydney Tournament Gaming for Malifaux.

The Demo Gamers


The Combat Company is proud to sponsor Bolt Action Participation Games at CANCON 2014 . You can follow the guys' progress in setting up and preparing for the games on their blog above. What can you expect at their demos? All players will receive an information pack so they can play the games. Spectators will be given a "Spotters Guide" so they can have a good look at all the little things scattered around the boards and special figures and models. The boards showcase 4Ground model, the Pegasus Bridge, lots of townhouses and more.


WargamerAU is the one-stop resources for Wargaming discussion and news in Australia and New Zealand. They have a huge community of passionate wargamers discussing all facets of our great tabletop wargaming hobby, from news and rumours, to organising tournaments and club meets, painting tips and tricks, to discussing finer points of strategy and tactics for Warhammer 40K, Warhammer Fantasy, Privateer Press games, Spartan Games ranges, Skirmish games such as Infinity and Malifaux - WargamerAU helps bring tabletop wargamers across Australia and New Zealand together. 


Clubs and Tournaments


The Australian Defence Force Wargaming Association is a formalised group that attends to the needs of gamers within Defence. It is a not for profit group that focuses on three main aims: 1. To promote tabletop wargaming as an positive alternative recreational activity that has application that can be applied to defence; 2. To hold a yearly ADFWGA Championships; 3. To raise money for military charities.
We offer ADFWGA members a special discount. Any profits we make from promotions run in conjunction with ADFWGA go directly to military charities.


CANCON is Australia's largest tournament / tabletop wargaming convention held at EPIC in Canberra, ACT by the very passionate Canberra Games Society. It's held over the January long weekend every year. 
They run a huge range of events - Warhammer 40k, Dystopian Wars, Blood Bowl, Infinity, Warhammer Fantasy, historical (ancients, medieval World War II), Flames of War, Aegyptus, Warmachine, Hordes, RPGs, Lord of the Rings and more! If you need a table to play it, you'll find it at CANCON. 
Like MOAB, every year we run a trade stand at CANCON. Every year is absolutely off-the-chain awesome. It's not just a permanent fixture on our annual event calendar, it's a pilgrimage. This year, we'll be branching into event sponsorship, stay tuned for more information!

Clash of the Titans

Run by the Cherrybrook Tech Adepts at Cherrybrook Technology High School over the last weekend of February. Runs games in Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer 40K, Lord of the Rings, Flames of War, Warmachine and Hordes and Bloodbowl. The participants are largely current and former students and friends of Cherrybrook Technology High School. It's a well-run weekend, excellent food and great to see a new generation of wargamers getting into it.

Eucalyptus Bowl

Eucalyptus Bowl is a two-day Blood Bowl tournament held at Burwood RSL in Sydney over a weekend in August. 
We sponsor Eucalyptus Bowl with prizes and a 20% off pick-up-at-the-event promotion. If you play Blood Bowl and can make it to Sydney, we really encourage you to attend. It's a really friendly event.

Event Horizon

Event Horizon is a 40K event held in May at Hornsby War Memorial Hall, Sydney. 
We sponsored and attended Event Horizon in 2011, its first year running. It had a great turnout, very talented participants, great tables, and a really passionate organiser. We look forward to coming along this year too.


Leviathan is run by the Western Suburbs Games Society and held in April every year. They offer participants events in Blood bowl, Field of Glory, Flames of War, Infinity, Horse and Musket, Lord of the Rings, Wargods of Aegyptus, Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40K. 
We attend each year, run a trade stall, and sponsor the event with prizes and promotions. The folks at Western Suburbs Games Society always make us feel welcome and it's a great all-ages event.

Lords of Terra

Lords of Terra is a Warhammer 40K tournament held at Blacktown RSL in late July every year. Participants are separated into an open division and the 'high lords' division, where the best players in Australia and New Zealand can face off in an invitation-only competition.
We attended for the first time in 2011, running a trade stall and sponsoring the event with prizes and a 20%-off-promotion. The venue was outstanding, the tables were awesome, the competitors were friendly and the missions (from the vibe of the crowd) were challenging. It was fantastic to help sponsor and support such a top-class event. We look forward working with the organisers next year.

MOAB - Mother of all battles 

MOAB is the largest tournament / gaming convention run in New South Wales, Australia by the friendly folk at Southern Battlegamers. It's held over the October long weekend every year. They run a range of competitions across Warhammer 40K, Warhammer Fantasy, Blood Bowl, Infinity, Flames of War, Malifax, Warmachine and Hordes as well as demonstration games in a range of new systems. MOAB is also home to one of the best bring-and-buys in Australia. 
Each year we run a trade stand at MOAB. It's always been great fun and is now a permanent fixture on our annual event calendar.


Tumult is the largest team based tournament in the Southern Hemisphere. It's run by the Northern Knights at Hornsby War Memorial Hall in November. Each event is themed (eg. Order vs Disorder) and offered across a range of systems, suck as Warhammer 40K, Warhammer Fantasy, Battlefleet Gothic and Flames of War. 
We sponsored the event and ran a 20%-off-promotion. It was good-sized, fun event, and unique for it's team approach. We look forward to being involved with it next year.


The WAAGH is the Wargaming and all Gaming Hobbies group. It is a gaming group in Albany, Western Australia that has come about to give gamers in the region somewhere to meet and play after the only Hobby Store in the area closed down. The goal of the WAAGH is to provide an organised environment for Wargaming and Hobby enthusiasts in the Albany region.
We support the Waagh games with club discounts when they place orders through our site.


WW40k is a friendly nationwide tabletop wargaming movement who focuses on enjoyment and promotion of the the wargaming hobby. Children and first timers are welcome along with veteran players. WW40K has multiple independent chapters and clubs all around Australia. The organisers are really enthusiastic and run a bunch of great events every year. 
We've attended several WW40K events over the past few years. We also actively support the club with prizes and promotions for their events. We are always astounded by the professional standard of the events run by the WW40K crew - from the quality of the terrain, to the timekeeping, variety of missions and the overall friendliness of the competitors. This is the future of tabletop wargaming in Australia.


Six months after CANCON, during the June long weekend, the Canberra Games Society runs Wintercon at EPIC in Canberra. In its first year of running in 2011, they had an excellent bunch of events in Warhammer 40K, Warmachine, Hordes, Lord of the Rings, DBMM, Epic Armageddon, Flames of War, Bloodbowl, War at Sea, Fields of Glory Renaissance, Magic the GAthering and Warhammer Fantasy. 
We ran a trade stall there and were really pleased with the turnout. It will very soon live up to its name as the winter equivalent of CANCON.


For pictures of the events and clubs we sponsor, please check out our Facebook page:http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Combat-Company/164523590225280