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Fort Ironwood – Green Fury Building (Special Order)

Fort Ironwood – Green Fury Building (Special Order)

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Monsterpocalypse Green Fury Building

Fort Ironwood would have been impossible in the early days of the Green Fury before the time of the Vegetyrants. What would have once been a dream come true for any child is now home to a garrison of Green Fury. Always looking for an opportunity to establish themselves more, the Green Fury began Project Ironwood. The resistance’s top strategists identified durable ironwood trees in each city and began their lofty mission to occupy the treetops. Each garrison is equipped with a full arsenal to provide supporting fire.

Fort Ironwood is a Green Fury building that can be included in any Protectors or Destroyers list. This building is a Durable structure reinforced with a lattice of structures woven into the tree branches. This fortified structure offers Supporting Fire to any of its allies across the city that are embroiled in a firefight.

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