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Garryth, Eye of Vengeance (special order)

Garryth, Eye of Vengeance (special order)

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This Warmachine Retribution of Scyrah Garryth, Eye of Vengeance blister pack contains one (1) metal Retribution of Scyrah Garryth, Eye of Vengeance miniature. All miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly.

Garryth has earned his place among the deadliest mage hunters in the Retribution over a century spent tireless stalking the sect’s foes across western Immoren. But during the Skorne Empire’s invasion of Ios, he was given cause to reevaluate his tactics. An attempt to neutralize Supreme Domina Makeda failed in a way that suggested he had become reckless. He has chosen to take a more measured and systematic approach, striking from a distance with Void Singer, a powerful sniper rifle made to his specifications. He is still willing to close for the kill with blade when needed but chooses his moment carefully after allowing the prey to approach, demonstrating the focus and patience of an apex predator. 


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