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Corvus Belli

Lunokhod Sputniks (REM)

Lunokhod Sputniks (REM)

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This Infinity Nomad Lunokhod Sputniks (REM) blister pack contains one (1) Nomad Lunokhod Sputnik and two (2) Nomad Crazy Koala miniatures. All miniatures are supplied unassembled and unpainted.

The Nomad Military Force has a long record in the aggressive use of remotes, but it was during the NeoColonial Wars where they truly demonstrated the tactical potential of these units in combat. The various Sputnik models possess different capabilities that determine their role in an attack force. The Lunokhod (Moonwalker) model is used to probe and outflank enemy combat groups. It must force or create a fight, often through invasion of an enemy's 'safe areas'.


The Nomads consist of three enormous ships whose inhabitants, discontented with a society controlled by huge macroeconomic blocks and by A.I., have separated themselves from it and roam through space, trading from system to system. Tunguska is dedicated to the traffic and storage of information. Corregidor offers skilled labour at a good price, while Bakunin trades in all that is exotic and illegal in whatever area, from fashion to nano-engineering.

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