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Satyxis Blood Hag Unit Attachment (Special Order)

Satyxis Blood Hag Unit Attachment (Special Order)

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This Warmachine Cryx Satyxis Blood Hag blister pack contains one (1) Cryx Satyxis Blood Hag Blister Pack model. All miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly.

The sadism of the Satyxis is a legend among those who sail the waters of the Broken Coast, but even among the depraved Satyxis are a few whose appetites for atrocity are greater than their sisters. The Blood Witches work their dark magic through blighted ritual blades known as Blood Razors. Those who fall to a Blood Witch’s knife may be burst into a lingering crimson mist or have their vitality turned against their fellows in a lash of psychical death energy.

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