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Shiho Hiroto

Shiho Hiroto

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In his fallen father’s battle armour, Shiho Hiroto strides the Isles of Jwar hellbent on revenge!

Shiho Hiroto has snuck back into the Isles of Jwar at the head of a group of deadly mercenaries from far-off lands, alongside a devout retinue of veteran warriors that rallied to his cause during his time abroad in the bowels of the Empire of the Golden Sun. His goals are simple: to claim this far-flung Prefecture for himself, then exact his vengeance upon the Takashi for what they did to his father and his clan. The Black Eagle is a mighty Samurai in his own right, becoming even deadlier at the head of a rejuvenated Shiho strikeforce. He will not rest until the Dragon Clan’s soldiers lie dying in the mud of his homeland. Jwar will be his!

Shiho Hiroto is a powerful model that epitomises the Shiho’s ambush and hit-and-run tactics, making them excel at striking their opponents where they least expect it. Hiroto has access to the IMPROVISE Ki Feat, a feat that provides his Warband with unprecedented options. It also gives him the ability to fight any model with confidence and cunning.

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