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Tarik Mansuri, Amir of Khawarijs (DA CCW)

Tarik Mansuri, Amir of Khawarijs (DA CCW)

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This Infinity Haqqislam Tarik Mansuri, Amir of Khawarijs (DA CCW) blister pack contains one (1) Haqqislam Tarik Mansuri, Amir of Khawarijs (DA CCW) miniature. All miniatures are supplied unassembled and unpainted.

Mansuri is a legend. He was one of the first Khawarijs that submitted to Runihura, the Haqqislamite super-soldier project of genetic improvement. His exceptional metabolism and stout body perfectly fit the genetic therapy; it transformed him dramatically, consolidating each metabolic improvement and cancelling the noxious oxidation processes. From then on, his body hardly aged; he is never sick and is always in top condition. His reflexes are always fast, his hands precise. His head is always clear, his senses alway sharp and he is always ready to move swiftly, easily and deadly. The perfection reached with Mansuri represents the greatest success of the Runihura program, which has not reached as good a result with any other Khawarij.

A re-sculpt of the most emblematic hero of Haqqislam! CB were not satisfied with the previous model, which didn’t reflect the power and charisma of this special character, so a new version is released - bigger, stronger and more powerful than ever!


Haqqislam, the New Islam, is a smaller power which possesses a single star-system only - Sourak. Separating itself from Fundamentalism Haqqislam bases its culture on an Islam which is humanist, philosphical and in continuous contact with nature. Biosanitary Science and Earthformation are the two major strengths of Haqqislam, which includes the best schools of medecine and planetology in the Human Sphere.

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