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Tharn Wolf Rider Champion (special order)

Tharn Wolf Rider Champion (special order)

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This Privateer Press Hordes Circle Orboros Tharn Wolf Rider Champion set contains one (1) resin and white metal Circle Orboros Tharn Wolf Rider Champion miniature. All miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly.

Scarred and battered veterans, wolf rider champions are the embodiment of the speed, agility, and ruthlessness for which their kind are known. Each has survived countless battles and has built a reputation one perfect kill at a time. Champions subdue only the most willful and physically imposing dusk wolves as mounts, regarding the training of such beasts as a challenge and desiring a hunting partner with strong predatory instincts to match their own.

With SPD 9, MAT 7, RAT 7, Jump, and Reposition [5”], the Tharn Wolf Rider Champion is a fast and deadly option for any Circle Orboros army, and is ideal for hit and run tactics. While effective on her own, the Wolf Rifer Champion really shines when leading her fellow Tharn Wolf Riders into battle, thanks to her Veteran Leader [Tharn Wolf Rider] ability.

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