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The Darrington Brigade Box Set (Pre-Order)

The Darrington Brigade Box Set (Pre-Order)

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You there, you lot, hello, welcome, welcome weary travelers! I am Taryon Darrington, founder, owner, and chief marketing officer of the Darrington Brigade, Wildemount's only not-for-profit mercenary group; if there's a dragon to slay, we slay it; if there's a damsel in distress, we unstress her. Our adventures are known far and wide in my best-selling book, copies of which Lawrence will gladly sell you in the gift shop later.”

Novels and audio recordings are no longer the only way to relive your favorite moments of the Darrington Brigade. Critical Role has partnered with WizKids to create high-quality miniatures compatible with the most popular tabletop RPGs. Heed the call to adventure alongside the heroes of Exandria: The Darrington Brigade! As the newest entry into the Critical Role-inspired line, Critical Role: The Darrington Brigade Boxed Set offers high-quality painted versions of the misfit heroes decked out with their most iconic gear.

Whether reliving the Darrington Brigade's most epic adventure or bringing some familiar NPCs to your Exandria campaign, this set has everything you need to bring the world of Critical Role to your table.

This set includes:

• Sir Taryon Darrington
• Doty
• Farriwen Breeze
• The Dark Owl
• Damian Vadoma
• Buddy
• Hazel Copperpot
• Macaroni Samsonite
• Lawrence Darrington

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