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Yaoxie Remotes (Lu Duan / Rui Shi) box

Yaoxie Remotes (Lu Duan / Rui Shi) box

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This Infinity Yu Jing Yáoxiè Remotes pack contains one (1) Yu Jing Yáoxiè Rui Shi and one (1) Yu Jing Yáoxiè Lù Duān miniature. All miniatures are supplied unassembled and unpainted.

"The meaning of the name Yáoxiè (Remote Weapon) must not be forgotten […] and a good officer should use them in this way. […] The Yáoxiè must be conceived as active combat units, above and beyond establishing defensive positions.”

A special emphasis is placed on their speed and ability to tactically overcome enemy forces. This manual influenced the design of the different Yáoxiè models, giving priority to speed over armor. This conception makes them more than adequate for low intensity conflicts and urban combat. However, the Yáoxiè can also carry out different and varied conventional military tasks, such as taking terrain, striking at an enemy' command and control structure, providing infantry support, locating and destroying hidden threats, or repelling enemy counter-attacks.

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