Collection: Warmachine Mk4: Unlimited

Warmachine is a steam-electric-and-magic-powered fantasy skirmish game set in the Iron Kingdoms. Inflict devastating defeat upon your opponent when you lead your mammoth warjacks and battle engines into battle. Pick your faction - field armies of the Undead with Cryx, the powerful and disciplined Cygnar forces, or rely on sheer numbers and brutal reputation with Khador. Sell your skills as a Mercenary. Or, fuelled by religious zeal and fanaticism, fight for the survival of your society as the Protectorate of Menoth or the Retribution of Scyrah. If these factions aren't enough for you, Warmachine is 100% compatible with Hordes. No matter which choice you make, when you step onto the battlefield, remember, play like you've got a pair!