GW Reservations

Secure your next Warhammer Pre-order by joining our Reservation List. Take the stress out Saturday Pre-orders!

1). Send us a Facebook message, or respond to a social media post to add your name to the Reserved List. If you are using a pseudonym, please let us know the name that is on your TCC account.

  • Once we confirm the stock allocation from GW we will respond to you with a "got you covered" message, which means you don't have to worry about missing out.

2). Pay for the Invoice. On the Saturday Pre-orders day after 1pm the order will go live. We don't make any stock available publicly before we have sorted out the reservations list. Your stock is secure even without payment.

  • Please review the address on your invoice, in case the system has grabbed an old address or you have moved.
  • Contact us if you want to add extra items to the order (any time up until dispatch the next week).
  • Invoice can be paid under My Invoice > Pay Invoice

3) On Release Day, your order will be dispatched if you select delivery. Or you will be notified for local pickup. 

Please note due to GW embargo:

  • We cannot disclose the price until pre-orders go live on Saturday 1pm
  • We cannot take payment until pre-orders go live on Saturday 1pm

We will always allow you to cancel a pre-order if you find the price is too high or change in circumstances.


Customer feedback on the Reservation system;

  • Eugene: "Thanks again. You really take the stress out of preorder day. Much appreciated!"
  • Rod " Just wanted to say thanks for your help in securing a copy of Indomitus. Cheers"
  • Luke: "All sorted. Thank you so much again for managing to get a box for me"
  • James: "No, honestly, thankyou. Its so rare to get good service from a hobby company, that it still honestly blows me away."