Price match

Price Match

Here at The Combat Company we are determined to bring you the biggest range of tabletop wargames and accessories at the best prices possible.

If you find any product at a cheaper price than you see on our website, we will match it.

There are only a few rules:

1) The store we are matching must be a professional bricks-and-mortar store or a legitimate webstore operating in Australia. That is, we don't match eBay prices, secondhand Gumtree deals or your mate's mum cleaning out the shed. 

2) The store we are matching must have the goods we are matching in stock at the time of price matching. You can ask us about pricematching pre-order/advance order items, we sometimes do match, sometimes we don't. We do not match sale price or out of stock items. 

3) The store we are matching must be registered for GST. You can search here. Australian Business Register , there are some dodgy stores out there not paying tax when they should be.

4) We do not match all boardgames prices. You can ask us to match a price and we will try, but we can't always match these.

So, if you find a better price, drop us an email at, let us know the Product you're after, the price we do, the price you've found it for somewhere else and the details of that somewhere else.

It's as easy as that.