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Corvus Belli

6th Airborne Rangers Reg. (SMG) (Blister) (Discontinued)

6th Airborne Rangers Reg. (SMG) (Blister) (Discontinued)

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This Corvus Belli Infinity Ariadna 6th Airborne Rangers Reg. (SMG) blister pack contains one (1) white metal Ariadna 6th Airborne Rangers Reg. (SMG) miniature. All models are supplied unpainted and require assembly.

The sixth Airborne Rangers is the USARF airborne light infantry regiment. Of all USAriadnan units, they are closest to the original operating profile of the US Rangers; a light airborne unit capable of rapid deployment and special operations. The task assigned to the Airborne Rangers is always crucial for the success of the operation, and as dangerous as it is crucial, which is why it is said in the USARF that this unit is a hero-producing machine.


Ariadna is made up of the descendants of the first human colonizing ship that disappeared into a worm-hole and was given up for lost. Isolated on a remote and hostile planet, the Ariadnes – Cossacks, Americans, Scots and Frenchmen – have evolved into a hard and technologically less advanced race, which has just made contact with the Human Sphere and is trying to carve out a niche for itself without falling under the control of the other powers.

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