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Unburied warriors that are left to rot under the mud of battlefields are ripe pickings for shugenja and others of their ilk. In particular, these witches haunt these sites raising the bones, sinew, and rotting armour to do their bidding. That which claws its way up from under are called Gashadokuro, and these mindless killing machines do their mistress’s bidding without question. However, Akoshi is somewhat different.There seems to be the briefest glimmer of who he was in life, residing somewhere inside him.Akoshi was an accomplished ashigaru in life and remains so in death. He still manages to work in tandem with his other skeletal companions, as if he hears the barked commands of his commanding officer from all those years before. He wields his yari with skill and ferocity, thus keeping his fellow Cult members safe to spread their menace upon Jwar.

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