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Corvus Belli

Imperial Agent Pheasant Rank (Red Fury)

Imperial Agent Pheasant Rank (Red Fury)

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This Corvus Belli Infinity Yu Jing Imperial Agent, Pheasant Rank (Red Fury) blister pack contains one (1) Yu Jing Imperial Agent, Pheasant Rank (Red Fury) miniature. All miniatures are supplied unassembled and unpainted.

The Imperial Agents Pheasant Rank lives and works in low-intensity hostile environments, performing counterinsurgency tasks. She is always ready to take the command in the most desperate situations thanks to their Chain of Command Special Skill. Armed with a Red Fury, she will not have mercy on the enemies of the Yu Jing Imperial Service.



The other great power, the eternal rival always conspiring the intriguing to bring down its adversary, is YU JING (read Yu Ching), the Asiatic giant. The entire Far East is united beneath the banner of what was once China, but which has now formed a single, though varied, oriental position which it aspires to.

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