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Shimogama Vipers

Shimogama Vipers

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This GCT Studios Bushido The Ito Clan Shimogama Vipers blister pack contains two (2) metal Ito Clan Shimogama Vipers miniatures. Each miniature has a stat card and base included. All models are supplied unpainted and require assembly. 

One of the less habitable places in the whole of the Jwar Isles, The island of Izu is a broken landscape with little arable land for farming that’s brimming with danger and hazard from the hostile terrain or the unique beasts that inhabit the islands dense jungles. Although beautiful and exotic with colours that would make the royal gardens seem dull, many of the deadliest reptiles lurk in the shadows of the canopy of the Shimogama Vipers.

Shimogama Vipers are five foot of muscle, harnessed by great feathered wings that give the snakes great power and movement when striking its prey without warning. With the protection of the ancient predators of the jungle who draw to their mother of service in times of war makes these miniatures a great addition to any army.

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