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Widget, Mathlete, Archaeologist

Widget, Mathlete, Archaeologist

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Widget’s curiosity about the mechanikal relics of the pre-blown-up world is insatiable. She loves to tinker with her own creations almost as much as she loves restoring broken pieces of tech to their former glory. There are few individuals wandering the ruins of Immoren today who can match her mathematic and engineering prowess.

When she discovered a buried and mostly intact Cyriss temple, her glee was obvious and incredibly, incredibly loud. Widget has spent months figuring out how all the strange clockwork creations function, fixing them and sending them out into the wild to do whatever it is they were built to do.

The discovery of the temple invigorated Widget’s adventurous nature, and now she seeks other lost sites in order to fix everything broken within, all while armed and armored with the latest spoils of her archeological escapades.

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