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AK-087 Engines & Metal Set

AK-087 Engines & Metal Set

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This is for one AK Interactive Engines & Metal weathering set.

This set contains everything necessary to create realistic effects on any type of engine or metal objects such as tank tracks. There are two colors specifically designed for creating realistic dirt and grease effects on engines leading to an unbelievably real finish. For the metal objects such as tracks, we have designed an appropriate wash, a dark rust colored pigment and a steel colored pigment. This ultra fine steel color pigment contains no metallic particles and is very bright when you rub it. The more you rub it the shinier it gets. This set helps the modeler achieve a realistic steel finish like you have never seen before.

Weathering effects can be seen on vehicles from almost any time period and give a realistic aspect even when we don't add any other effects afterwards. 

Note: The actual paint colors may vary from the color swatches. We have tried to get as close as possible to the actual colors, but the swatches below will give you a good approximation of the true shades.

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