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AK-088 Worn Effects

AK-088 Worn Effects

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This AK Interactive Worn Effects pot contains 35ml of AK Interactive Worn Effects weathering enamel.

You can´t beat the original. The Heavy Chipping fluid is tried, true and consistent. An acrylic product that can effectively eliminate the need for hairspray which yields inconsistent results due to different chemical make-ups, formulations and properties from one brand to another. One major advantage of choosing our chipping fluid instead of hairspray is having the ability to alter the intensity of your chips by using "Heavy Chipping" for large chips and "Worn Effects" for the more subtle chips and scratches. Now tell me what can of hairspray can do that? Hairspray gives you no control while AK Chipping Fluids can be applied by brush or airbrush.

Weathering effects can be seen on vehicles from almost any time period and give a realistic aspect even when we don't add any other effects afterwards. 

Note: The actual paint colors may vary from the color swatches. We have tried to get as close as possible to the actual colors, but the swatches below will give you a good approximation of the true shades.

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