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Alexayev Battlefleet Set (Special Order)

Alexayev Battlefleet Set (Special Order)

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The largest Ekranoplan in the world, the Alexayev is tasked with rapidly deploying small squadrons of hovercraft or even other Ekranoplans to key locations as part of a rapid reaction force. Named after Evgenievich Alexayev, the brilliant engineer who won the Tzar’s wager by proving his proposed design for the Ekranoplan was possible.

A brutal addition to the White Navy and favoured by northern Captains, the Khatanga combines a ferocious Semyenov pattern assault bore in the prow with the dreaded cryo Generator.

The Dragunov and Stoletov ground effect vehicles were designed by Helsinki Markov himself following his return to the Commonwealth after years studying with the Covenant of the Enlightened. Skimming the surface of the sea, they excel at high-speed rocket attacks and troop transport.

Utilising the repulsion field generator obtained by Helsinki Markov in 1856, the Irkutsk Skydrill is often heard approaching, long before it is seen. The buzz of the overcharged field generators and the roar of the Semyenov assault bore spinning up to full speed makes a terrifying cacophony.

Utilising the Selivanenko pattern Aural Dissonance Array (known more commonly as a Shockwave Generator), the Giyena moves rapidly across uneven landscapes, marshland and the open sea to bring this potent device to bear.

The ‘Morskoi Orel’ roared across the waves at a speed unreasonable for its size. The Alexayev Ekranoplan Heavy Transport is an engineering marvel, a case of mankind’s ingenuity over nature. This was unlike the more esoteric devices of the Covenant of the Enlightened, this was a machine of brute force. Of course, there were lightweight Sturginium alloys involved in its construction but if you put enough rockets on anything, it will go fast. Most of the crew wore ear protectors to help with the deafening noise, even the officers on the bridge needed discrete earplugs to prevent the worst of the thunderous racket. The Alexayev is a vessel that works by the mantra; ‘strike fast, strike hard’. Crashing into battle, unleashing an overwhelming barrage from its multiple Katyusha Salvos and then unloading its cargo of hovercraft, this enormous ekranoplan is often the decisive strike in a Commonwealth naval operation and today would be no exception to that.


  • 1x Alexayev Ekranoplan Heavy Transport
  • 2x Cruisers (may be built as either Khatanga, Morozko or Pravda Class)
  • 2x Ekranoplan (may be built as either Stoletov or Dragunov)
  • 4x SRS Tokens
  • 2x Skydrills (may be built as either Tunguska, Irkutsk or Saransk Class)
  • 2x Hovercraft (may be built as either Zubr or Giyena Class)
  • 4x Escorts

Please Note:

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly will be required.
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