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Army Bag (3x2")

Army Bag (3x2")

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This Modifx Army Figure Case includes one (1) Heavy Duty Bag, one (1) Carry Strap, one (1) Foam Topper Tray and 6 inches of foam trays.

THE BAG - Covered with high-quality, sturdy black canvas, each bag is constructed from heavy-duty coreflute card, giving it a rigid, solid structure. Each bag features a variety of Velcro-sealed pockets, perfect for books, tokens and other accessories. The bag seals tight with zips and the the strap is attached with metal hooks. The bag is tough enough to withstand the knocks and bumps that inevitably happen during army transport. Strong enough to hold a 90kg man standing on top of it. You can rest assured that, short of the bag being run over by a lorry, your army will arrive at its destination 
safe and secure.

THE FOAM OPTIONS - All our bags come with foam. Each foam trays have a foam bottom, providing additional structure and protection for your miniatures. Each tray is 350mm x 265mm, and available in the various depths;

One inch tray - Contains 36 pre-cut slots 25mm x 50mm in size. Perfect for standard infantry on 25mm bases. Depth of slot is 26mm (1inch). For more detail see the separate 1" foam product listing.

One and half inch tray - The tray features 15mm x 15mm pluckable foam. Once plucked, the slot is 43mm (1 and 3/4 inches) high. This tray is ideal for carrying miniatures which may need a little more space than the 1 inch pre-cut foam trays. For more detail see the separate 1.5" foam product listing.

Two inch tray - The tray features 15 x 15mm pluckable foam. Once plucked, the slot is 60mm (2 and 1/3 inches deep). This tray is perfect for holding small tanks or smaller Warjacks, such as Space Marine Rhinos, Cygnar Fireflies, Infinity Remotes and Bikes. For more detail see the separate 2" foam product listing.

Three inch tray - The tray features 15x15mm pluckable foam. Once plucked, the slot is 95mm (3 and a 1/2 inches deep). This tray is idea for carrying larger tanks or larger Warjacks,such as Space Marine Crusaders, Cygnar Heavy Warjacks, Infinity Tags. For more detail see the separate 3" foam product listing.

THE PRICE! - Every bag has a hard-wearing exterior, heavy-duty construction, customisable, top-quality foam at an unbeatable price. Compare the price with the GW, Battlefoam and Sabol bags, which don't always include the foam, and you'll reach the same conclusion - with those bags, you're paying for a name and a logo. With Modifx, you're paying for what you need: quality.


In the unlikely event that a foam bottom separates from the tray, use ordinary PVA glue to stick it back together. Use a decent amount and leave overnight. Separation may occur by accidentally plucking the wrong section, carrying too many heavy items in the tray or just intense, prolonged use.

When you first receive your bag, you'll notice there is an upper foam topper laying on top. This thin foam will protect models held in the top tray from rubbing against the inside of the bag. Using scissors, round off the corners of the upper foam topper with scissors. This will make it easier to open and close the bag and less likely for the foam topper to catch in the zip.

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