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Black Ogrun Smog Belchers (box) (OOP)

Black Ogrun Smog Belchers (box) (OOP)

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This Privateer Press Warmachine Cryx Black Ogrun Smog Belchers box set contains five (5) Metal and Resin Black Ogrun Smog Belchers miniatures.

Smog belchers are black ogrun who wield heavy culverin-style cannons. Smog belcher weapons are crafted by skilled ironmongers, black ogrun metalsmiths who fuse their craft with rituals of bloodletting and dark magic. From the deck of a Cryxian vessel, smog belchers lay down a barrage of fire, filling the air with a lingering cloud of corrupting ash that rots flesh and blisters the lungs of anyone who breathes it.

All models are supplied unpainted and require assembly.


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