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Commander Coleman Stryker

Commander Coleman Stryker

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This Warmachine Cygnar Commander Coleman Stryker blister pack contains one (1) white metal Cygnar Commander Coleman Stryker model. All miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly.

Though Commander Stryker sees himself as just another soldier fighting for the crown, he is one of the greatest warriors of Cygnar. His young age may deceive some into believing he has not earned his rank compared to the aged generals leading the king’s army, but battlefield experience has made him wise beyond his years. A fine leader, a better soldier, and one of the most accomplished warcasters in the Iron Kingdoms, Coleman Stryker was born to be a hero of Cygnar and expects to die defending his beloved nation.

A versatile warcaster, Commander Stryker has a solid range of army-enhancing spells, including Arcane Shield to grant additional armor, Snipe to increase his troops’ range, and his signature spell Earthquake, which knocks enemies helpless to the ground.

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