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Cursebound – Orgoth Cadre

Cursebound – Orgoth Cadre

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  • Oriax, the Soul Slaver
  • Ravener (Heavy Warbeast)
  • Ghrotten Keeper
  • Ghrotten Champion
  • Gnashers (3-model unit)
  • Halexus, The Warlord

Alongside deep psychological trauma and generational anguish, the most tangible record of the first Orgoth occupation were the infernal relics they left buried beneath their hellish places of execution. For a time, such artifacts were harnessed by misguided arcanists hungry for prestige and influence but who were ultimately ignorant of their true power and implications. No mere weapons, such devices were once the prized possession of fell reavers and soul-fueled warlords, champions of the masters of the Outer Abyss.

Now, with the return of the Orgoth comes Oriax, the Soul Slaver, and his accursed retinue. Weaving blasphemous soul magic, Oriax has the capacity to dominate both beast and machine.

He is accompanied by Halexus, The Warlord, a soul-starved herald and bloody avatar of the Fellgoeth infernals.

Held in their thrall are the Gnashers, Ulkor shock troopers dominated by the maligned will of their paired hell-wrought weapons, and the massive Ghrotten Champion and Keepers, fearsome warriors likewise slaved to their infernal arms.

Most terrible of all, the abominable Raveners: part beast and part machine, these howling monstrosities are the cursebound equivalent of the heaviest warjacks and are devoted utterly to their master’s fearsome will.
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