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Digimon Card Game – Booster Display: Digimon Liberator [EX07 13 Sep]

Digimon Card Game – Booster Display: Digimon Liberator [EX07 13 Sep]

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Introducing Digimon's newest card game project, "DIGIMON LIBERATOR"!

The EX07 Booster Display - alongside two new Starter Decks, ST18 & ST19 - is themed around Digimon Liberator, an original story from the Digimon Card Game which is now being released as a webcomic, starting in Autumn 2024. This set will include many Digimon and Tamers that appear in the series!

In EX07, conventional Common card slots will be included as [Limited Common] or [Limited Uncommen], which have different specifications from the Common and Uncommon cards of the same set. 

Many nature-related Digimon, such as SaberLeomon, Eldradimon, and Tlaolocmon from the LCD toy "Digimon Pendulum COLOUR," are also included! You can build a new deck with these Digimon that possesses the "Nature Spirits" characteristic!

Popular Digimon such as the three musketeers - BeelStarmon, MagnaKidmon, and Gundramon - are included, which are very popular among users. BeelStarmon will also be included as an ACE Digimon!

1 Booster Display includes 24 Booster packs
1 Booster pack includes 12 cards

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