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Privateer Press

Forge Master Syntherion

Forge Master Syntherion

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This Privateer Press Warmachine Convergence of Cyriss Forge Master Syntherion blister pack contains one (1) Convergence of Cyriss Forge Master Syntherion miniature. All models are supplied unpainted and require assembly.

Constantly processing and as remote as the disembodied members of the Constellation, Sytherion's mind is occupied with complex equations, energy schematics and the application of engineering principles. Sytherion brings the same single-minded efficiency to war as to his workshop. There is no room for emotions, no pity or mercy. In every engagement Sytherion seeks to quickly eliminate whatever opposes him. Those clockwork soldiers who accompany him in battle know only too well that the forge master gives no allowance for error, discarding any who fail him, for in his calculations there is no possibility of redemption.

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