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Helios/Hyperion (big box)

Helios/Hyperion (big box)

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This Privateer Press Warmachine Retribution of Scyrah Helios/Hyperion boxed set contains one (1) hard plastic Retribution of Scyrah Helios/Hyperion miniature. This is a multi-part plastic kit that can build either the new Helios colossal or a resculpted version of the classic Hyperion colossal. All models are supplied unpainted and require assembly.

Boasting one of the most powerful ranged attacks in all of WARMACHINE and HORDES, the Hyperion represents the pinnacle of Iosan firepower. Trading in destructive potential for tactical support, the Helios can use its Tractor Beam to completely mess with an opponent’s battle line while harnessing its focus points to generate a number of powerful support and defensive abilities, such as granting nearby Retribution warjacks free focus or boosting its own defensive capabilities.

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