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HH: Solar Auxilia Vehicle Markings Transfer Sheet

HH: Solar Auxilia Vehicle Markings Transfer Sheet

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This transfer sheet contains 1057 high-quality waterslide transfers for use on Solar Auxilia vehicles in games of Warhammer: The Horus Heresy. These transfers are perfect for proudly personalising your Solar Auxilia war machines, featuring a plethora of different numbers, markings, honorifics, and lettering to suit different vehicle sizes as well as distinct Solar Auxilia cohorts.

This transfer sheet includes:

- 287x General Solar Auxilia transfers, suitable for any Solar Auxilia force
- 64x Prosperine Spireguard transfers
- 58x Inwit Phalangites transfers
- 64x Selucid Thorakites transfers
- 62x Barbarian Ambaxtoi transfers
- 54x Saturnyne Rams transfers
- 72x Cthonian Headhunters transfers
- 66x Ash Scorpions transfers
- 56x Lord Marshal's Own transfers
- 54x The Deathless transfers
- 53x Boremanite Devils transfers
- 50x Ultramar High Guard transfers
- 61x Arkadian Janissaries transfers
- 56x Manachean Bulls transfers

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