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Corvus Belli

Illuminatrix of the Observance Event Exclusive Edition

Illuminatrix of the Observance Event Exclusive Edition

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Being expert neurochemists, the mission of the Illuminatrices is to assist in the most secret rituals that take place at the heart of the Telesterion. There, in the name of the Holy Virgin of the Knife, they enlighten both aspirants and Reverends in the faith that will lead them to Our Lady of Mercy, conferring on them the most precious gift of all: an encounter and direct contact with the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The Illuminatrices have developed the Lux Virginis, a drug cocktail that, combined with the sanctified nails they implant in the Reverends’ backs, stimulates the formation of new neural connections in the temporal lobe and other areas of the brain, allowing, or simulating, contact with the divine.

Sale Info: Incredible HVT figure to represent high value targets in your games.

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