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Japanese Support Squadrons (Special Order)

Japanese Support Squadrons (Special Order)

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Mizuchi Submersible Carriers hold swarms of Rin Exosubs, ready at a moment's notice to attack the enemy no matter their location. Those who think themselves able to escape danger, whether by air or under the surface may find it to be the last mistake they ever make.

Squadrons of Chubu hunter submarines prowl the Sea of Japan and beyond looking for targets of opportunity. These deadly vessels are armed with multiple torpedo launchers to achieve a swift kill.

Sakata Heavy Destroyers combine firepower, speed and group tactics to present a formidable and tenacious foe to the enemies of Japan.

The shadows of Japanese submersibles had been spotted on an intercept course. With no sign of any Miyagi or Okinawa nearby and no long range visuals of a Tianlong in the area, the usual aerial support of such a battlefleet, it was just a case of waiting for them to surface and picking them off with supporting fire from their collective storm vanes. A Koromodako breached the waves, its steel tentacles waving impotently. The bridge crew of the lead Kreigsturm shared a grin as the orders were made to fire upon the helpless submersible. It took a little while for one of the junior officers to notice that other vessels had appeared at a different heading. Strange little machines swarmed around; Rin Exosubs. Flying in formation they ducked to the safety of the depths to avoid fire. Perhaps this would not be such a one-sided engagement after all?


  • 2x Japanese Submersibles (may be built as either Koromodako, Kensai, Ryujin, Mizuchi,
  • Umibozu or Kagutsuchi Class)
  • 2x Chubu Submarines
  • 2x Sakata Destroyers
  • 2x Rin Exosub Tokens
  • 4x Chita Escort Automata

Please Note:

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly will be required.
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