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Abteilung 502

Marta Kolinsky Brush - Size 1

Marta Kolinsky Brush - Size 1

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This is for one (1) Abteilung 502 Marta Kolinsky Brush in Size 1

Ultra  high  quality  brush  with  Marta  Kolinsky  bristles.  As  everybody  knows  the quality,  performance  and  durability  of  these  is  unparalleled.  Now  you  can  find them in our catalogue range in several sizes, depending on the work required.

Abteilung 502 brand´s brushes have become a classic in the world of modelling. Our wide range of high quality brushes allows you to achieve the best results and you could choose the one that best suits your needs. With these brushes you can achieve all the effects for a perfect finished model.

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