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Plainsmen Falconers

Plainsmen Falconers

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The plains are vast, undulating oceans of grass and steppe fought over by horse-riding warriors of unparalleled speed and skill when in the saddle or on foot. Theirs is a nomadic lifestyle for most of the year until the long-dark winters come, and it is only then that they tend to dismount, gather around the watchfires and reflect on the days and cycles that went before. During summer, when the grass moves from side to side like the waves on the far-off seas, hunting game becomes more about skill than sheer brute force. Some hunters-like Batu-chase down larger prey while on horseback, unleashing a string of well-aimed arrows from his short curved bow to bring down deer or savage-toothed boars. But the falconers step forward when the grass is long and the prey incredibly stealthy. The rider may rule the plains, but the birds of prey rule the skies, and nothing escapes their knife-sharp eyesight. Rabbits, hares, small goats and deer are all a part of what the falcons catch from above. This relationship between a tribemember and a hunting bird is especially beneficial in the winter when the horses cannot move through the shoulder-deep snow

Shiho and Tengu players can benefit from these unique ranged options. As they have no Ammo or Reload traits they will usually make ranged attacks whenever possible, not needing to wait for more optimal conditions. This leads to more chip damage, which is great before a set-up for a kill. However, they can only shoot once per turn, so their positioning to be a secondary objective model is also crucial. The noticeable thing about the ranged attack is it needs no LoS, and there are many ways to use these models to attack with impunity from reprisal. The Eye Peck Ki Feat is the icing on the cake,allowing them to debuff a target after their chip damage making it easier to set up for your finisher models, something both Shiho and Tengu often need

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