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Bolt Action

Polish Army Weapons Teams

Polish Army Weapons Teams

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Infantry weapons teams are a key component of any Bolt Action army, providing as they do great tactical flexibility for your force. Sniper teams, light mortar teams and anti-tank rifle teams are among the most prevalent, presenting your opponent with multiple challenges to overcome.

Like many other nations, Poland learned well the lessons of World War I, and saw the value in close-support mortar weaponry. Many infantry companies were issued 46mm light mortars to fulfil this close support role.

The Polish Army didn’t include specially equipped snipers as such, but the best shots in a company would be designated as marksmen.

The Polish wz.35 anti-tank rifle was unusual in that it did not fire a solid tungsten core round as did most other nations’ anti-tank rifles. Rather, it fired a standard lead core with a steel jacket. Instead of penetrating the hull like traditional anti-tank rounds, the transferred energy would cause spalling (making a piece of armour tear off inside the crew compartment) that lead to fragments ricocheting around the inside of the vehicle – a very nasty affair for the crew!

Contains three Bolt Action Order Dice and the following Warlord Resin PlusTM figures:
2-man Light Mortar team
2-man Sniper team
2-man Anti-tank rifle team

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.
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