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Posthumans box

Posthumans box

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This Infinity Aleph Posthumans (1, 2, 3) pack contains one (1) Aleph Posthuman Mk 1 Hacker with combi-rifle and nanopulser, one (1) Posthuman Mk 1 Doctor with combi-rifle and nanopulser, one (1) Posthuman Mk 2 with multi sniper rifle and nanopulser and one (1) Posthuman Mk 3 Hacker with boarding shotgun and nanopulser miniature. All miniatures are supplied unassembled and unpainted.

It is said that Posthumans are the next evolutionary stage of Humanity. They are the intelligent glimmer, a self-conscious information package focused in a light pulse, entities living in cyberspace who can download themselves into artificial bodies to act on a physical level. Posthumans stand out in military activities requiring initiative and a high level of dedication and ability. Thanks to their special skills, they can adopt any operative profile, rotating through different body, equipment and weaponry loadouts. They find it equally easy to infiltrate into deep enemy territory as to lead attacks from the frontline or act as mobile support in emergency situations. No matter the assigned mission, their tactical approach is always based on fast and decisive offensives. Posthumans know they are superior, existing on a higher level than any human, and therefore they are arrogant and proud. They behave as if they are true sons of divinity, forged by war and destined to conquer the universe.


Aleph is the unique Artificial Intelligence controlling the data networks and technological systems of the entire Human Sphere. Aleph is humanity' great ally and without it, intergalactic socio-political and economical systems would fall apart almost instantly. For that reason, many believe that Aleph's aims are sinister, that the Human Sphere is but a playground, a puppet theatre to manipulate until it is dominated totally by Aleph itself.

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