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Rival Panels: Battle for the Throne

Rival Panels: Battle for the Throne

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“To The Victor, The Crown” Wakanda has long honored the right of its people to challenge the throne in a trial by combat. Play out the dramatic duel on the tabletop with the new Rivals Panels: Throne of Wakanda!

T’Challa is the latest heir to a long line of Wakandan kings. By right of birth, this earned him mantle of the Black Panther, and the duty to protect his home. But no person stays king for long if they cannot face the winds of change.

T’Challa must face his oldest rival and loudest detractor while his nation watches. And if he intends to keep the throne: he must win. N’Jadaka is a Wakandan with an eye for the world stage. Long critical of his nation’s seclusion, he has grown ever more critical of the royal family’s hoard of wealth and resources.

Now that he has synthesized his own version of the mystic herbs that grant the Black Panther their powers, he is ready to put them to the test; with the throne on the line, and a grander plan to follow.

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