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Bolt Action

Road to Berlin Campaign Supplement

Road to Berlin Campaign Supplement

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This is for one (1) Warlord Games Bolt Action Road to Berlin Campaign Supplement book.


Campaign Overview
Operation Bargration
Fighting Bargration
Which includes scenarios, special rules and historical context
Bargration Theatre Selectors
Which includes famous platoons such as the 53rd Guards tank Brigade, German Heavy Tank Abteilung and the 5th Panzer Division!
Additional German Units
Scenario 1: The Tigers of Krupki
Scenario 2: The battle of Pleshchenitsy
Scenario 3: The '34'
Lvov-Sandomierz Offensive
Fighting the Lvov-Sandomierz offensive
Which includes scenarios, special rules and Lvov-Sandomierz specific scenarios
Lvov-Sandomierz theatre selectors
Scenario 4: big game hunting
Which includes a hero of the Soviet Union, Lt. Aleksandr P. Oskin
The Warsaw Uprising
Fighting the Warsaw uprising
Which includes scenarios, special rules and Warsaw uprising specific scenarios
Warsaw uprising theatre selectors
Armia krajowa theatre selector
Which includes additional Armia Krajowa Units and German Warsaw Uprising Units
Scenario 5: Man the barricades
Scenario 6: Kubus and the grey wolf
The Struggle Continues
Fighting ‘the struggle continues’
Which includes scenarios, special rules for ghost wars and the Struggle Continues Theatre Selectors
NKVD Theatre Selector
NKVD Additional Units
Clearing The Flanks
Scenario 7: Breakout from Petsamo
The Vistula-Oder Offensive
Fighting the Vistula-Oder offensive
Which includes General Scenarios and Vistula-Oder Scenarios
Vistula-Oder offensive theatre selectors
Scenario 8: ‘the Ivan’s are coming…’
Scenario 9: race to the Pileca river
Scenario 10: an unexpected encounter
Operation Berlin
Fighting Operation Berlin
Which include General Scenarios and special rules for Operation Berlin Scenarios
Operation Berlin theatre selectors
Which include the extended Last Levy Theatre Selector and the replacement Panzer Force
Additional German Units
Which include The German Replacement Army and a hero of the Soviet Union, junior Sergeant Vasily Kharinaevich Khantaev
Scenario 11: The Seelow heights
Scenario 12: Tank hunting
Scenario 13: Berlin: crossing the spree
The Prague Uprising
Fighting the Prague uprising
Which includes scenarios, general scenarios, Prague specific scenarios and The ROA
ROA theatre selector
Additional Units
Scenario 14: The Prague uprising: enter the ROA
Appendices: Additional Special Rules
Snow, mud, ice and frostbite
Dug-in: foxholes, trenches and gun pits
City fighting
That's certainly a lot of content, but remember that's just an overview! Each page is packed with information and iconic imagery to give you everything you need to play on the battlefields of Berlin in 1945!
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