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Scandinavian Support Squadrons (Special Order)

Scandinavian Support Squadrons (Special Order)

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Commonwealth propaganda states that the Barents Sea is perfectly safe, thanks to its proximity to the sheltered docks of the White Sea from which defensive patrols regularly launch. In truth, however, it is far from tranquil. Raiders from the Scandinavian portion of the Imperium, not to mention the Scions of Jutland, frequently ambush the numerous fishing vessels and exploratory platforms. Loki Shadow Raiders make excellent use of their Ivaldi Shroud Generators to make surprise attacks and then fade away once they have crippled their target. Heimdall Recon Raiders use advanced detection systems to locate enemy patrols with the goal of avoiding contact until their battlefleet has the upper hand while Fenrir Hunter Submarines and Valkyrie Hunt Rotors allow multi-level attacks to be made. Fishermen and other civilian vessels are now being issued military escorts to prevent the damage that the Scandinavian battlefleets have been causing. Time will tell if that will be enough.


  • 2x Thor Assault Raider (may also be built as Loki, Angrboda, Heimdall, Baldr or Gefjon Class)
  • 4x Fenrir Hunter Submarine
  • 2x Valkyrie Hunt Rotor
  • 2x Vali SRS Token

Please Note:

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.
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