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Servath Reznik, Wrath of Ages (big box)

Servath Reznik, Wrath of Ages (big box)

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This Privateer Press Warmachine Protectorate of Menoth Servath Reznik, Wrath of Ages box set contains one (1) metal and resin Protectorate Servath Reznik, Wrath of Ages miniature. All models are supplied unpainted and require assembly.

Perhaps no man so perfectly expresses the spirit of the Great Crusade as Servath Reznik, a living weapon of his faith. For Reznik the world is a crucible of flame, and humanity stands at the precipice of annihilation. He is a furious legacy of the ancient world, a pitiless instrument of Menoth’s divine justice and the reckoning of heresies from ages long past. Woe to those who would defy the True Law!

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