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Corvus Belli

Shasvastii Cadmus (CR) - Discontinued

Shasvastii Cadmus (CR) - Discontinued

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This product has been discontinued by Corvus Belli, get it while stocks last!!

This Infinity Combined Army Shasvastii Cadmus (CR) blister pack contains one (1) Combined Army Shasvastii Cadmus with combi rifle miniature. All miniatures are supplied unassembled and unpainted.

The Cadmus Shasvastii are an exact reflection of the military doctrines of their race: infiltration and non-conventional warfare rather than direct engagement, precision and economy of means rather than an excess of force and total adaptation to the environment and to their enemy. A Cadmus trooper will always be at least as lethal as any adversary it confronts and never less. The Shasvastii army can sow a whole battlefield with Cadmus capsules, time bombs from which sprout powerful and fierce warriors.



While Humanity devours itself a new threat, perhaps the most terrible of all, has managed to form a bridgehead in the heart of the Human Sphere. A Combined Army of alien races, united beneath the dominance of an Evolved Intelligence, an ancient but supreme artificial intellect with hegemonic aspirations with respect to any race that crosses its path. A small expeditionary force, equipped with technology superior to that possessed by humans, that has managed to withstand everything the Sphere has thrown against it, and appears to be awaiting reinforcements.

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