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Sickle Gyro-Cav (Special Order)

Sickle Gyro-Cav (Special Order)

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The line between madness and genius is a fine one. Often an invention thought outlandish and unusable, has subsequently become almost commonplace. It is a time when the Covenant of the Enlightened discovered Sturginium and introduced RJ-1027 to the world and made marvels of engineering such as automata and iron horses. There are always those looking to push boundaries further and be noticed in such a world where remarkable contraptions such as the Strider-Cav walk the earth. In the case of the Prussian scientist Ludwig Berblinger, it was the notion of 'walking the earth' that he sought to challenge. When he was declared persona non grata by the Teutonic Knight Luminaries after his demonstration crashed their prototype Jaeger aerial destroyer, Berblinger joined other ostracised Prussian intellects in turning to the Enlightened. His greatest offering was the Sickle Gyro Cav, a feat that he was certain would fly into a future where Berblinger's genius eclipsed all others. The Sickle featured a surgically modified pilot permanently integrated into Berblinger's flying machine. After several spectacular failures, the design soon saw use across the Enlightened's holdings for reconnaissance and as an extremely mobile weapons platform. The Sickle's gyro-stabilized engines, refined from the drives used in the larger Scythe drone fighter, allow the nimble craft to speed through the air as easily as it can hover in place. For offensive purposes, the Sickle can be outfitted with similar armaments to those found on Iron Horses. Most often the Sickle carries paired gatling guns to enable it to strafe a target as it flies. The roar of its engines and bark of its guns are usually the first and last sounds that enemies of the Enlightened will hear at its arrival.

The Sickle Gyro-Cav kit contains one multi-part resin miniature

  • 1x Sickle Gyro-Cav
  • 1x Flying Base

Please note:

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.
  • Character Unit Cards are not included and can be found on the Wild West Exodus website.
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