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Corvus Belli

Synchronized Deva Unit box (OOP August)

Synchronized Deva Unit box (OOP August)

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This Infinity Aleph Synchronized Deva Unit pack contains one (1) Aleph Deva Functionary with combi rifle and nanopulser, one (1) Deva Functionary with spitfire and nanopulser and two (2) Devabot miniatures. All miniatures are supplied unassembled and unpainted.

ALEPH has at its disposal military biosynthetic bodies specifically designed to host Aspects, or partial representations of its own self. These Lhosts are designated with the code-name 'Deva'. In Indian Vedic hymns, Deva is an ambiguous term, denoting both gods and demons. To ALEPH, Devas are the core of its immune system. Their main function is to make ALEPH's plans easier and to eliminate problems before they can spread. Independent of scenario or circumstance, a Deva's behaviour in combat is always efficient and professional... inhumanly so.

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