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Corvus Belli

Tech Bee & Crabbot ancillary Remote Unit (Blister)

Tech Bee & Crabbot ancillary Remote Unit (Blister)

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This Corvus Belli Infinity PanOceania Tech Bee & Crabbot ancillary Remote Unit blister pack contains one (1) white metal PanOceania Tech Bee miniature and one (1) white metal PanOceania Crabbot Remote Unit. All models are supplied unpainted and require assembly.

With TAGLINE, TAG pilots have become more important. They are now receiving special training to be able to accomplish objectives deep into enemy’s territory. The protection provided by their Tactical Armoured Gear will make it easier to achieve mission success.


PanOceania is the primary Great Power of the Human Sphere. It owns the greatest number of planets, has the richest economy and possesses the most advanced technology. Pragmatic and generous, PanOceania is a melting-pot of cultures, heir to the best democratic and welfare traditions of the West. Proud of itself and somewhat domineering it can claim to have the most technically sophisticated society and army in the Sphere and likes to brag about it.

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