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Vauban Battlefleet Set (Pre-Order)

Vauban Battlefleet Set (Pre-Order)

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The Vauban is the largest and the oldest of the early generation levant vessels still in service to the Republique. Photojournalists at the time of her launch captured the Vauban in the imagination of the French people. An indelible image is left of an engineering marvel hanging majestically low in the sky, sending waves of her heroic fighters and bombers to victory.

It is said that in the weeks following the public showing of the first Vauban Sky -Fortress, French military recruitment centres reported a 22% increase in people signing up. Requests for an assignment within the Service Aeronautique were so prevalent that public relations officers had to be brought in to veer the public into positions that were more needed. Young recruits were persuaded into infantry roles with the promise that it might lead to an assault position on a Levant cruiser with promotion to a Vauban on the horizon. These things, while certainly possible, were in reality quite unlikely.

Many a lucky pilot would rise to the fortunate position of crewing a Frelon Bomber. These incredible aircraft seem impossibly large when standing next to one, so much so that the wings were designed to fold in order to fit them aboard carriers; even the mighty Vauban can only carry limited squadrons. The significant payload of the Frelon bomber allows them to cause serious damage to enemy fortifications as well as the largest capital ships and armoured divisions.

Now the Vauban has the reputation of having the best of the best crews among the Service Aeronautique. While a small percentage of those original recruits have found their way to their dream positions, those that have got there have done so with hard work, dedication, and a not-insignificant amount of luck. This luck has rubbed off on the Vauban class, with each one having a story of defeating seemingly insurmountable odds. At least, that’s what the publicists say.


  • 1x Vauban Sky Fortress
  • 2x Chasseur Levant Cruiser (may also be built as Furieux or Voliere Class ship)
  • 2x Dieppe Levant Cruiser (may also be built as Alma, Marseille, Gascony or Lyon Class)
  • 2x Epaulard Artillery Submarine (may also be built as Sirene Class)
  • 6x Honneur Levant Destroyer
  • 2x SRS Tokens
  • 6x Frelon Tokens

Please Note:

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.
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