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Vengeance of the Earps Posse (Special Order)

Vengeance of the Earps Posse (Special Order)

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Those who think that Martha Earp has a softer nature than her brothers are sorely mistaken. After an illness in her childhood cost her an arm, she gained an unshakable resolve and vowed that she would survive anything life could throw at her, proving that fact to anyone who challenged it. Following her brother's example, Martha enlisted as a Lawman, if only to prove that if there was anything they could do, she could do it better. More recently, since Morgan was shot by the Cowboys, Martha has taken a posse into the wilds of the Arizona territory in search of the cowards who ambushed her brother. They should pray that she doesn't find them.

Martha is joined by her brother, Warren Earp, a man who is not just the most ornery of his clan, but one of the most bad-tempered lawmen riding across the west. Fighting in the Ore War, something inside Warren snapped and no amount of cosseting could fix it. Now he rides with his sister, too angry to settle anywhere, keeping the peace by any means necessary. He's been known to use violent, deadly force for minor infractions, a trait that sometimes has him at odds with more tolerant members of his profession. Warren believes vehemently that criminality leads to rebellion and rebellion leads to the horrors of war. In his mind, it's best to stamp out that seedling, no matter how small, before it grows into something truly awful.

As a Justice of the Peace, the venerable patriarch of the family, Nicholas Earp was given a UR-24 automata to help with his duties. On his passing in 1863, the machine was damaged and fell into disuse. As the various siblings drifted away from the family home to fight in the Ore War, the automata was repurposed to help around the place. The UR-24 was especially useful to Martha, who had yet to fully embrace the mechanical prothesis her father had acquired for her.

When James didn't come back from the war, no one thought to challenge the distraught Martha when she placed his coat and hat on the automata and began to call him James. Martha and James had been as close as two siblings could be and the family saw this as part of the grieving process for her. As time went on, and with the help of her brother Morgan, Martha added programme cards acquired from a damaged UR-30 lawbot and added them to her "James". The machine was reprogrammed with phrases James used to say and in Martha's presence, it was even treated like a part of the family. Somehow, a part of him seemed to live on. Over time, the automata became the de-facto brother of Martha, accompanying her throughout her life and time enforcing the law. Now, "James Earp" rides the plains seeking a cold and calculated revenge with those it views as its siblings. Curiously, no one seems able to explain is why the automata have the same lopsided gait that its namesake grew up with. Certainly, it has never been programmed or instructed to behave in this way. For Martha, it is further proof that the spirit of her brother lives to ride anew.


  • 1x Martha Earp Mounted on Iron Horse
  • 1x Warren Earp Mounted on Iron Horse
  • 1x James Earp Mounted on Iron Horse

Please Note:

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and unassembled.
  • Character Unit Cards are not included and can be found on the Wild West Exodus website
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