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WWI British Colors Modulation Set 3G

WWI British Colors Modulation Set 3G

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A special set of 3rd Generation acrylic paints intended for finishing British tanks from WW1 period painted in Khaki Brown, using the modulation technique.

The Khaki Brown color was created to disguise such low speed monsters in the mud and mire of No Man’s Land.

Each color is different and combining them allows for easy creation of a visual volume to your model and achieving subtle color transitions.

It is recommended not to avoid using any color during the process. The paints can be mixed with each other to get further subtle tonal variation useful for larger areas or for larger models.

This set contains:

AK11111 Burnt Umber (Shadow)
AK11301 WWI British Khaki Brown (Base)
AK11122 Green Ochre (Light)
AK11115 Light Earth (Highlight)
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