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Corvus Belli

Yaopu Pangguling box

Yaopu Pangguling box

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This Infinity Yu Jing Yáopú Pangguling pack contains one (1) Yu Jing Yáopú Pangguling with EVO repeater and one (1) Yu Jing Yáopú Pangguling with combi-rifle miniature. All miniatures are supplied unassembled and unpainted.

The Yáopú (Remote Servant) military robots are a heavy Remote model, powerful and durable, widely used for transportation, logistical support, explosives deactivation, cyber-warfare, security, defense, and rescue tasks. They have all-terrain capabilities and can autonomously operate in any area or climate thanks to their advanced navigation systems, be it day or night. The Pangguling design emphasizes protection. Its armored shell, as with the animal its name comes from (the Pangolin), can suffer severe damage and still operate normally.



The other great power, the eternal rival always conspiring the intriguing to bring down its adversary, is YU JING (read Yu Ching), the Asiatic giant. The entire Far East is united beneath the banner of what was once China, but which has now formed a single, though varied, oriental position which it aspires to.

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